The Club

The “Deutsch-Amerikanischer Freundeskreis Bayreuth und Umgebung e.V.” (DAFK) officially formed in Bayreuth, Germany on October 23, 2003. The DAFK literally translates into the “German-American Circle of Friends, Bayreuth and Surrounding Area”. It is a club comprised of individuals from in and around Bayreuth who share a common goal of promoting and supporting cultural, social and economic cooperation as well as youth exchange.
Citizens of all nations who feel tied to these goals are warmly welcome as members and guests of the DAFK.
Members and friends meet regularly for events and get-togethers to promote friendly relations between Germans and Americans. Some of the special traditional events that take place every year include:

  • New Year’s Reception
  • Valentine’s Dinner
  • Independence Day
  • Barbecue Thanksgiving Dinner.

Presentations and discussions on various political, economic, cultural and societal topics also take place throughout the year. In addition to our club members, we also welcome guests to attend meetings and events.


Our goal is to

  • Establish contacts with Americans in Bayreuth and the surrounding area who are visiting as guests, tourists, students, or who are temporarily employed here
  • Be a point of contact for Americans who are living here
  • Welcome back German citizens and citizens of other nations who have returned to Germany after longer stays in the United States and help them meet new, friendly faces
  • Offer a platform for discussion between members, guest and friends of the club

Aktuelle Termine und Events